‘The Ultimate fitness session’

Angamardana is a dynamic process to invigorate the body, and reach peak physical fitness. The word “Angamardana” means gaining complete mastery over the limbs, organs and other parts of the body. It strengthens the spine, builds physical strength, fitness and tenacity, taking years off the body.

Designed by Sadhguru, isha Angamardana needs no fitness equipment. It involves only the body and floor exercises that can be practiced anywhere, even during travel.

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Regular practice of angamardana revitalizes the body in may ways:

  • Strengthens the spine, Skeletal, Muscular and Nervous System.
  • Builds physical strength, fitness and tenacity.
  • Takes years off body, Brings sense of lightness and freedom to your body.

Age Limit:

slow_motion_video 14 years and above

Workshop Details:

schedule 2 Sessions – 3 hrs / Session

schedule 4 Sessions – 2 hrs 15 mins / Session

Surya Kriya

‘Fire up the Sun within’

Surya Kriya is a potent yogic practice of tremendous antiquity, designed as a holistic process for health, wellness, and complete inner well-being.

“Surya” means “sun,” and “Kriya” means “inner energy process.” Surya Kriya activates the system to raise the samat prana, or solar heat, in the system.

Traditionally available only to select groups of yogis, Surya Kriya is being offered by Sadhguru as a comprehensive spiritual practice that is ideal for the hectic pace of today’s world.

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Surya Kriya includes several aspects that enrich one's life:

  • Develops mental clarity and focus.
  • Remedies weak constitutions.
  • Boosts vigor and vitality.
  • Balances hormonal levels in the body.
  • Prepares one for deeper states of meditation.

Age Limit:

slow_motion_video 14 years and above

Workshop Details:

schedule 2 Sessions – 3 hrs / Session

schedule 4 Sessions – 2 hrs / Session


‘To align with Divine’

Yogasanas are offered as a set of powerful postures to transform the body and mind into a possibility for ultimate well being. They are not taught merely for physical fitness and strength. By consciously forming the body into a certain posture, one creates a conducive passage for energy flow that can elevate one’s consciousness.

They are a way of aligning the inner system to the celestial geometry, becoming in sync with the existence, thereby naturally achieving a state of health, joy, and bliss.

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The practice of Yogasanas provides countless benefits including:

  • Relief of chronic health conditions.
  • Evolution of body and mind towards a higher possibility.
  • Stabilization of the body, mind, and energy system.
  • Deceleration of the aging process.

Age Limit:

slow_motion_video 14 years and above

Workshop Details:

schedule 4 Sessions – 2 hrs 30 mins / Session

schedule 5 Sessions – 2 hrs 30 mins/ Session

Upa Yoga

‘Bring yourself to ease’

Upa Yoga is a simple yet powerful set of practices that activate the joints, muscles and energy system.

The term “Upa Yoga” is commonly used to denote “usefulness.” Based on a sophisticated understanding of the body’s mechanics, it creates an instant sense of alertness, liveliness and brings ease to whole system.

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Upa Yoga has numerous benefits:

  • Relieves physical stress and tiredness.
  • Strengthens the joints and muscles.
  • Rejuvenates the body after periods of inactivity.
  • Negates the effects of jetlag and long travel.

Age Limit:

slow_motion_video 7 years and above

Workshop Details:

schedule 1 Session – 2 hrs / Session

schedule 2 Sessions – 1 hr 30 mins / Session

schedule 3 Sessions – 1 hr 30 mins / Session

schedule 5 Sessions – 1 hr / Session

Bhuta Shuddhi

‘Purification of five elements’

The basic for all creation, including the physical body, is the group of five elements: earth, water, wind, fire, and space. There is a whole system of yoga called Bhuta Shuddhi, which means “purification of the elements”.

This purificatory process helps one to achieve a state of harmony and balance which prepares the body for higher levels of sadhana, or spiritual practices.

Watch Bhuta Shuddhi

The benefits of Bhuta Shuddhi includes:

  • Keeps the system in harmony and balance.
  • Prepares the system to handle powerful states of energy.
  • Enhances the capabilities of the physical body, mind, and energy system.
  • Creates the basis to gain complete mastery over the human system.

Workshop Details:

schedule 1 Session – 1 hr 30 mins / Session

Children's yoga

‘Enhancing children capability’

Taking charge of body mind, paying absolute attention, raising their voltage.


Age Limit:

slow_motion_video 4 years to 7 years

Workshop Details:

Upa Yoga

schedule 3 Sessions (1 hr 30 mins / Session)


Age Limit:

slow_motion_video 8 years to 13 years

Workshop Details:


schedule 4 Sessions (2 hrs 15 mins / session)

schedule 2 Sessions (3 hrs / session)

Surya Shakti

schedule 3 Sessions (1 hr 30 mins / session)

Upa Yoga

schedule 3 Sessions (1 hr 30 mins / session)

Short Duration Programs

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Program Duration: Ranges from 1 day to several months based on the employees' need and interest,
Session Duration: A minimum of 1 hr per session and can be customized to suit employees' schedule,
Audience: All levels of employees up to senior management.

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